Madcall.Me Burger BarBuild your own Mad Call at

Step 1

Select your service base

  • IVR portal
  • One click call
  • Social app
  • Application (iOS, Android, J2ME, Bada...)
Step 2

Pick the type of monetization that suits your taste

  • PRS numbers
  • Subscriptions
  • In-apps
  • PSMS
Step 3

Choose suitable yummy price range

  • Per call
  • Per minute
Step 4

Add some extra flavor with customization

  • Voices
  • Characters
  • Design
  • UI
Warning: Extremely Profitable!

Partners wanted!

  • We provide 'in box' solution that changes user's voice over the phone in real time.
  • It can be integrated in already existing products on B2B market, or distributed as an independent service.
  • Just check out the options we give.

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  • is a mobile service and application, that changes user's voice on the phone while talking.
  • All users need to do is pick a voice, decide who they want to call and start having fun.
  • Our voice library includes over 10 voices.
Select character
  • Cat
  • Сhipmunk
  • Girl
  • Monster
  • Parrot
  • Robodog
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